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Kimberly Paige

Artist statement/Biography:

My journey through jewelry making began one day when surfing the web when I came across a picture of a beautiful pair of wire-wrapped knot earrings. That was the transformative moment when something clicked in my brain and heart. While I had never wire wrapped before, had no tools and the project was rated "Very Advanced", it was one of those times when you fall in love with an idea and are compelled to work on it until it's conquered.

Since then I've been amassing a storehouse of ideas begging for expression, learning new techniques and experimenting to find my own artistic voice and style. Attention to detail and passion for my work push me to handcraft as many parts of the jewelry as I can from focals to closures. Intricate forms in nature and knot-work are common themes throughout my pieces.

I started to sell my work under the pseudonym "Red Tree Studio" as an experiment in justifying my passions for creating and making others feel good with my creations. My current main mediums include wire, metal clay, polymer clay, and semi-precious stones.

Recently, I learned a technique that allows me to create one of a kind, personalized photo pendants made from pictures of loved ones, children & pets. Taking a photograph through a process of image manipulation, stamp creation, impression in metal clay & a firing process creates a unique keepsake that will last a lifetime! Creating each memento is a unique experience and forges an enduring relationship between myself, the piece and the recipient.

Also known as: Red Tree Studio
Medium: Jewelry
Keywords: Wire wrapping, metal clay, beads, nature-themed, knot-themes

Kimberly Paige