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Gallery Forty-One was founded in 1998 by a small group of artists who were interested in bringing their work to their community. In February of 2002, the ownership changed from a partnership to a cooperative. As a result of the economic climate, as of January 2011, the gallery was returned to its original operating structure, a partnership. We hope this will provide new opportunities for artists in the community to showcase and sell their products.

Gallery 41 is always seeking new artists. Stop in and talk with one of our Gallery members and pick up an application. You may also download this application. If you would like more information contact Jerry or Diane Arbes.

To be a guest artist in our Exhibition Room please see our Guest Jury Artist Application.

Phone: 607-687-2876

Email: Diane: Jerry:

Level 1 or 2 memberships preferred - reduced monthly fee & commission for sitting 1-2 shifts a month, see application for details.  All applications welcome.