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Jerry Arbes

Artist statement/Biography:

As a woodworker, I try to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Most of my works are of native hardwoods of which are found and processed from family property. Being raised by a father who was always critical of my work, I always strived for constant improvement and not taking the shortcut which would compromise the final product.

I have always found wood to be a rewarding medium due to the uniqueness of each piece of wood. Like people, wood varies from piece to piece, some being more difficult than others but always having a hidden treasure. A piece of art should last forever, to be enjoyed by future generations. When wood is cut and processed, death occurs. The goal of the craftsman is to bring it back to life. If this is accomplished, I will have been successful in my task.

Also known as: Owner, Gallery 41
Medium: Wood
Keywords: Boxes, cutting boards, pedestals, wine boards

Jerry Arbes