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Ann Laczak

Artist statement/Biography: 

When my mother-in-law gifted me an embellishing machine (looks like a sewing machine but no thread is used), I didn’t have a clue what it was used for. I had never seen one before. She knew that as a Family and Consumer Science teacher I loved fabrics, sewing and design. But what she didn’t know was how this gift would open up a whole new world for me.

Using the embellishing machine I taught myself how to felt. I learned how to felt by watching videos on line and reading books. I am still learning every time I begin a new piece of art. Much of my work is made from 100% wool fleece and roving, but I am also beginning to incorporate into my art other fibers and materials such as silk and aluminum. All of my art uses “wet” and/or “dry” (needle) felting techniques. Dry (needle) felting is accomplished by moving barbed needles in and out of wool fibers to interlock them together (this can be done by hand with a single barbed needle or on an embellishing (felting) machine with multiple needles). Wet felting uses hot water, soap and agitation to interlock roving or fleece fibers together creating a “felted fabric” (much like you do when you accidentally shrink a wool sweater).

I enjoy creating a “canvas” using the wet felting technique and then needle felting my art on top of the canvas once it has dried. I enjoy the freedom of abstract designs where the pattern evolves as I create the felt. I also find it very rewarding to create realistic art that requires me to use intricate shading techniques.

Felting has become my passion and has allowed me to satisfy my craving to create through the medium of fiber art.

Medium: Fiber
Keywords: Felting

Ann Laczak