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Tamara Burger

Artist statement/Biography: 

I call soap making my PTSD cure. I have always been into creating things with my hands. I especially enjoy quilting and knitting. But, after a traumatic job loss those 2 avenues were not appealing to my soul. I needed something very different. I had a friend who had made soap and I thought it was wonderful, so decided to give it a whirl. I really enjoyed it and soon found myself with much too much soap for one person, one family….. I began to sell as a way to continue creating and not be overrun by my hobby’s creation. Once I had the soap down, I decided to try other bath and body products. I really enjoy the process of making soap and lotion. My favorite product is sugar scrub – I enjoy the exfoliating and moisturizing of the product.

When not making product, I still enjoy quilting and knitting. I also teach in the nurse practitioner program at Binghamton University full-time. I love spending time with my family, walking, reading, geocaching and listening to music.

Medium: Personal Care
Keywords: Soap, body wash

Tamara Burger