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Lynn Capani-Czebiniak

Artist statement/Biography: 

Infused with passion and intensity, the work of this native Binghamtonian, Finger Lakes, NY artist, weaves its magick into the soul of all those open to its message. An imaginative dream life and meditative channeling bring her images to life with her medium of choice generally being colored pencil, gently, yet compellingly drawing the viewer into communion with a higher universal power…

Over the past 14 years, Lynn’s art has become a passionate calling to aid in the healing of the planet, as her work has found its way from Ithaca to Hong Kong; from Arkansas to Australia; from Japan to Switzerland. In her desire to make the work affordable to all those whom it chooses, note cards, prints, magnets, journal and bookmarks are available as well as original pieces.

Besides her own company, DREAM WEAVER STUDIO, Lynn contracts with Acorn Designs, has had numerous commissions, both corporate and private, and to date, has been honoured with 15 magazine covers. Tee shirts of “The Animus in the Seventh Stage of Initiation” are available through Erotica in Manhattan and the Chicago Peace Museum is home to a quilt piece fashioned by the artist. Her work has been published in American Craft Magazine and in the book, “The Ribbon” by Lark Publishing Company, as well as receiving an Honourable Mention for her “Lady Slippers” in a show hosted by the National Orchid Society. Lynn has facilitated Mandella workshops in several areas schools and has given presentations at both SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Broome, as well as exhibiting her work in numerous public and private art shows.

Lynn believes that each piece of art work is fashioned for a specific individual and that, given time, they will find one another.

Also known as: Dream Weaver Studio
Medium: Painting, Mixed Media
Keywords: Original artwork, cards, bookmarks, magnets, pastel, watercolor, spirit

Lynn Capani-Czebiniak