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Kirk and Theresa Madsen

Artist statement/Biography: 

The Art Goes On......Preserving the Legacy of an Artist

Prints - Batik - Crafts

In an effort to maintain the visibility of his father's name and and artwork Kirk and his wife Theresa started the multifaceted company, Madsenarts. In addition to promoting and selling the art of V.H. Madsen, Kirk is making his own statement in the medium of batik making which is his favorite of his father’s work. Kirk’s music inspired art has been reproduced in the form of cards along with an extensive line of cards based on the original works of this father.

Kirk Holm Madsen’s love for art began by watching his artist father and led to Kirk starting college as an art student before eventually becoming involved in college concert productions. After retiring from the entertainment business, Kirk has returned to his love and appreciation of art.

Our dream for Madsenarts began with promoting the art of Kirk’s father, Viggo Holm Madsen (1925 – 1998). Born in Kaas Denmark and receiving his BFA and MFA from Syracuse University Mr. Madsen was a prolific artist, renowned for his printmaking, he was dedicated to experimentation using woodcut, embossing, etching, oil, watercolor and batik.

Viggo Holm Madsen had over 200 solo exhibitions in the United States and Europe and is exhibited in galleries around the world. Recently his work was sold at Christies Auction House. Numerous private and public collections, universities and corporations claim ownership to his work.

The Art Goes On………………..

Medium: Fiber
Keywords: Print, Batik

Kirk and Theresa Madsen