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Julie Crosby

Artist statement/Biography: 

My goal is to make pots that are beautiful, sturdy, and functional. I start with a certain weight of clay, the amount of clay dictates the type of vessel that will be made.

The clay must be soft with a coarse body to be worked easily on a kick wheel. Through a series of cuts and surface treatments, the forms are reworked to incorporate handles and bring out the sandy texture inside the clay wall. This process allows me to work intuitively and spend time with each piece.

With each new sequence of pots comes the opportunity to fire my wood burning kiln. I am always thinking about the firing. While making, I speculate which slip or glaze will best compliment a piece and foresee where it will go in the kiln. The path of the flame makes its way through the pots, highlighting rims and surfaces with wood ash and salt. Varied hues brought out in the clay body give the depth that I seek to finish my forms.

Medium: Ceramics
Keywords: Pottery, bowls, cups

Julie Crosby