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Johanna Husband

Artist statement/Biography: 

Johanna has spent twelve years working as an illustrator in the world of children’s book and magazine publishing. So, even in her more realistic, stand-alone paintings, there is always a hint of a story to be told or a wonder to unfold. She certainly gets seeds of ideas from books she’s reading or conversations she’s overheard. Johanna takes joy in detail, color, and character. Often she creates a series to get across a narrative or a small-moment happening. She works in pencil, watercolors, gouache, and ink on paper. As she paints, she keeps in mind an audience of a wide age range, hoping to delight everyone.

Johanna is a native of Corning, NY, and after trying out a variety of cities, towns and states to live in, she is very happy to call Candor, NY her home.

Medium: Mixed Media
Keywords: Illustration, watercolors

Johanna Husband