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Jessica Holbrook

Artist statement/Biography: 

Born and raised in Broome County, Jessica Holbrook has always pursued creative pursuits. As a child her imagination was encouraged by her parents through dance and art classes ranging from drawing to pottery. Jessica is a self-taught jewelry designer. She started with an interest in bead weaving and soon that interest turned into a passion for wire work. Once armed with the basic techniques needed to create durable yet beautiful jewelry it is the creative process that comes from within that advances those rudimentary methods to form stunning unique jewelry.

Discovering jewelry making filled Jessica with confidence, especially when her first piece took shape in the way she intended. The thing that Jessica absolutely loves about making jewelry is the moment when she sees that sketchy plan forming in front of her eyes. Her plans are usual ephemeral at first. Just a flash of shape or color that form in the wire with twists, curves, and a little bit of cursing thrown in for good measure. Her work at Gem Flo Jewelry is inspired by art deco sensibilities. The majority of Jessica’s designs are romantic and flowing. As a designer she has always marched to her own drummer and creating jewelry quickly became a way to complete her style which swings from Office Chic to Bohemian Hippie.

The point of no return was when jewelry making became her obsession. Creating, shaping, polishing and final finishing; each part of the process gives her an inordinate amount of pleasure. There is not a day that goes by that Jessica doesn’t have some prototype or bundle of wires in her hands just waiting to become that next piece of art.

Medium: Jewelry
Keywords: Wire wrapping, resin, beads, natural gemstones, art glass

Jessica Holbrook