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Carol Miller

Artist statement/Biography: 

I was born and raised in California and moved to the East Coast about 13 years ago. My mom had gone to Art School and was from a family of artists so when I was growing up, we were always frugal with clothing and meals but had a limitless supply of art supplies. In high school, I became more involved in classical piano than art. I majored in Music in college but it soon became clear that I was too shy to teach and too timid to become a professional pianist. So I ended up leaving college and focusing on developing social and work skills. I became involved in a healthy, caring church that helped me a lot, and took classes in accounting. I picked up art again in my 30s but at that point it was only a hobby because I was working full-time as an account clerk. My husband was disabled and ended up passing away.

My chance to paint full-time came when I remarried and moved to the East Coast. My new husband encouraged me to make it a business. I have done several murals in homes, as well as doing a series of large flower portraits. I am now focusing on paintings of falling water as well as doing a series of tiles. The tiles are on display on our window sills. I also play piano and cello and teach piano.

Medium: Painting

Carol Miller